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03 Feb 2011
by Monica |  Social Media Guides and How To's  | No Comments 

Part 2 of Social Strategy1’s Executive Thought Leadership Series features Company Co-founder Dennis Stoutenburgh focusing on how to measure online conversation on the increasingly open web.

Video: Thought Leadership Series: Dennis Stoutenburgh - The Open Web - Measuring Online Conversation

In this must see video Dennis speaks about who should be listening to the online conversation, business intelligence, the key value proposition that Social Strategy1 offers, and the importance of competitive analysis.

“For all companies it’s important to understand what conversations are out there regarding your brands, what conversations are out there regarding your competitors’ brands, what your customers are saying, what your competitors’ customers are saying.  Some of these digital conversations can have a tangible influence on company valuations, stock prices and brand reputation. By utilizing non-financial information - information that you wouldn’t find in Bloomberg or the Wall Street Journal, companies gain intelligence into potential investments they’re making,” said Co-founder of Social Strategy1, Dennis Stoutenburgh.

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