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Manage Online Reputation

Any business can find itself in a crisis at any time, usually without warning and spreading at light-speed.

Because of the penetration rates of social communities, like Twitter, even one negative post can spread a rumor around the world in hours, reaching substantial media channels. Traditional crisis communications is a thing of the past. Companies no longer have days to prepare a response to a crisis. Followers expect a response in minutes, which requires companies to anticipate crises before they happen.

What should you do? Start with additional online visibility of your brand, employees, competition and industry to anticipate the unexpected by recognizing trends before they happen. Social Strategy1’s Brand Defense team works hand in hand with clients before issues arise, so that when a problem takes shape, there’s an action plan developed to address the issue and help bring the crisis under control. Net-Gage, Social Strategy1’s monitoring system is available 24/7 to provide a holistic view of events. With the help of Net-Gage, our social media business analysts can quickly identify the source of the crisis and its epicenter for better crisis management.

Sometimes there is a catastrophic event and other times it is a small personnel issue, but each has negative consequences. You can prevent negative consequences with Brand Defense, where our strategic business analysts monitor your online environment daily and escalate any issues to you immediately, so you can remain a step ahead of potential crises.

Not convinced? Read about the negative impacts of tweets, youtube videos and Facebook comments in our case studies section.