Results fuel all ILD Corp. companies and Social Strategy1 is no exception.

The team continually challenges standard conventions to find more effective ways of growing business. This systematic approach to business was the founding principle of Social Strategy1’s philosophy:

  • Belief in Partnerships
  • Strive For Innovation
  • Recognize Individuality
  • Value Human Touch
  • Appreciate Resources

Belief in Partnerships

“Together, nothing is impossible”, said Winston Churchill. His quote represents the core of our existence, because our partnerships enable us to make the impossible things possible. We believe that exchange of knowledge between partners leads to the highest business growth and efficiency.

Strive For Innovation

The rapid nature of social media requires us to stay up to date with the latest changes in the online market. So we constantly innovate. We update and share our knowledge by organizing conferences, partnering with campuses around the globe for fresh ideas, and actively participating in professional communities. Plus, we are always willing to challenge established notions to create new competitive advantages.

Recognize Individuality

Every business is unique, with its own story and objectives. We appreciate the individuality of each of our clients and approach our work with tailor-made solutions. Rather than “pretty on-paper” strategic plans, we deliver customized and actionable business results.