The Future of Mobile Payments is Here

Or at least some of it is. If you have the Nexus S 4g from Sprint and you have a Citi-MasterCard, you use Google’s newest app, Google Wallet. On Monday Google rolled its new mobile payment app that will allow users to tap and swipe to make… Read more

Is Social Media Telling the Story You Want?

Whether you’re trying to promote a company/brand or you’re getting ready to look for a new job, using social media correctly can help you tell others what a company is about or who you are, very quickly. Forget all the buzzwords like social… Read more

The New Way to Find a Job

How did you get the job you have? How did you go about finding a job about 10 years ago? If you’re like me, you worked on your resume, put together a couple of cover letters to tailor, and then you started looking for job postings online and submitting applications,… Read more

Facebook Marketing Triggers Goat Shortage at Party

I feel like I’ve been waiting all my life to write a headline like that. It seems that, a site dedicated to reggae music, invited 200 people to a launch party in Indonesia, writes Casey Hibbard on Social… Read more

Brands Hear This: Use Twitter’s New Image Galleries

In case you haven’t heard or noticed, Twitter has made a pretty big change in how they let you share pictures. Up until last week, you could only share pics on Twitter via third party apps. Now you can share up to 100… Read more

The NFL Gets Social

I remember the first time I wrote about social media and football last year. The headline on Yahoo Sports read, “Social media attack dooms Cutler.” Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler learned quickly how a Twitter backlash can happen in an instant. It’s the first time the NFL felt the power of social… Read more

Google+ Will Be 2nd Largest

Last month I predicted that Google+ would win over Facebook, eventually. A bold prediction I agree and it will take a lot more time to see if I’m right. A new survey by YouGov and Bloomberg says that Google+ is on target to be 2nd largest social networking site…. Read more

Find Us, But Only So We Can Sell More Product

Today while going through my daily morning routine I was thinking of some of the products that I use and how I’d like to see some small improvements. Now that the internet is past its infancy phase, communication with a brand should be easy as a few clicks, right? Or since most brands have either a… Read more

Checking In on Foursquare

Yesterday’s post about Facebook Places got me thinking about Foursquare, the first location-based social networking website that I remember hearing about. So what’s going on with Foursquare? They announced last month that they have 10 million registered users and… Read more

Wave or Tap Your Smartphone To Purchase – Coming Soon!

A couple of months ago I wrote about the steps that major players such as Google, Apple, Verizon, etc. were taking to enter the mobile payments field.  The steps involve getting their products ready to support the next wave in mobile, NFC (near-field communication). With NFC,… Read more