Social Media and Direct Selling: Personal Businesses for the Modern Family

From major brands and corporations to your teenage sons and daughters, just about everyone you know is engaging with one or more social media platform on a daily basis. Now, small businesses are finding new ways to interact with their customers, using tools like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest… Read more

Social Media Leadership: From The Pew To The Pulpit

Sometimes it takes an unpleasant jolt to make a business owner see the benefits of a new way to conduct commerce, especially one that’s as radically different from the norm as social media. As Author Michael F. Lewis, ILD Corp. co-founder and CEO of Social Strategy1 & OfficeArrow, discovered firsthand, for… Read more

Unleash the Power of Your Company’s Greatest Asset – Your Employees!

“Working for the man,” a phrase often used when describing a dead end or tiring job that has no real intrinsic value other than the paycheck.  In today’s rough economic times employees can start to feel this way when resources are scarce and employees are pushed to their productive limits. With… Read more

Social Media Marketing - Ready, Aim, Fire

Quick story - when I went quail hunting the first time I was told by my hunting group that even though the birds rise in a big group or covey and your first inclination is to aim in the middle of the covey and fire most likely you won’t hit a thing.  Even though I heard what they were saying it took me a couple of shots… Read more

He Tweeted What?

I’m sure that phrase and several others we heard from the management suite of the NFL’s Houston Texans yesterday. Star running back, Arian Foster, apparently tired of answering questions from the media, fans and fantasy football enthusiasts regarding the extent of his injury, yesterday sent out a tweet which… Read more

Where Are Your Buyers?

Any good social media strategy starts with goals & objectives generally followed by a listening and monitoring campaign and quality content development.  While this roadmap is a good start, often times the monitoring campaign is too focused on WHAT fans, followers and influencers are saying and we are not paying as much attention to… Read more

Content is King? Yes and No.

When companies start their social media initiatives often they hear “Content is King”.  For a company that has spent meaningful marketing dollars on promoting their company or brand, their first inclination is to push the same “content”/marketing messages that they have pushed through traditional marketing channels down their new social media channels.  While employees and long standing customers will become fans and follow the company, often times companies do not get the intended… Read more

Social Media Leadership – Practical Applications for Business

Over the past couple of years of I have read many books about social media from academics to social media gurus.  Some good, some not so good and most have consistent themes – Social Media platforms are exploding and are not going away.  There is wisdom in the crowd.  Consumers have a voice both with brands and each other.  While all of those themes are valid and businesses need to embrace social media, for the small to medium size business executive or owner the question is not should… Read more

Make Better Hiring Decisions – Let Social Media Help

In a recent New York Times article, the topic of providing Social Media Audits for new hires was addressed.  Most of us understand that social media is all about networking, sharing, being authentic and building relationships; however, the limits continue to get tested and sometimes people take sharing too far.  We have all witnessed the fiasco of Congressman Anthony Weiner.  In addition to its many benefits, social media has also brought down the powerful and the not-so bright.  But, can… Read more

The Power of 140 Characters

In the world of social media Twitter is a powerful force and growing.  As evidenced by the recent Women’s World Cup when tweets were flying at a rate of over 7,100 per second, it is a worldwide phenomenon. When I first learned of Twitter my initial reaction was the 140 character limitation would severely limit… Read more