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Increase Market Share

Every business must be focused on achieving maximum return on each marketing dollar by measuring its Social Return on Investment (SROI).

The most fundamental way to increase profits is to grow market share. Strategists all over the world agree that the three crucial ingredients to boost sales are 1) understanding customer preferences, 2) product awareness and 3) intensity of distribution.

Market Share = Share of Preference x Share of Voice x Share of Distribution

At Social Strategy1 our strategic business analysts approach all these factors with an extensive toolkit of internet marketing techniques. For example, instead of increasing distribution efforts by crowding stores with products, Social Strategy1’s analysts identify relevant social shopping, niche markets and lead generation opportunities to feature products to buyers in a more convenient and meaningful way. We also approach the concept of “Share of Voice” not as “screaming louder” than rivals, but “screaming smarter” by using a targeted approach to business communications.

Want to know where to start? It’s quick, easy and free. Take Social Strategy1’s online business diagnostic panel today to find new ways of growing your business online.