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Gain Competitive Intelligence

Have you ever dreamed of having a crystal ball which could provide insight into the latest moves of your competitors, a view of new market trends and explain the shift in consumer demands?

If you don’t own a crystal ball, we’re a good second best! Outsource your market intelligence needs to Social Strategy1, where our managed social media monitoring team can show you what you’re up against and help you take appropriate social actions. Our analysts research the web everyday to monitor sentiment, keywords, trends, and alerts and provide custom at-a-glance reports of your business and benchmark it against your competition. We will be your weather forecaster for marketing and let you know if it’s sunny and safe to enter new markets, or it’s time to board up for the hurricane, so you can prepare in advance.

With Social Strategy1, you get access to “Net-Gage” – the industry’s premier web-scraping platform where our analysts organize your internet. Net-gage uses multiple leading monitoring platforms aggregated into a single platform to accumulate all media, including user generated information in social media and the traditional web space.

To find out more about online monitoring, sentiment analysis or benchmarking your competitor, read our white paper “Profitable use of social media monitoring”.