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Key Features

  • Managed Social Media Solutions
  • Total Media Monitoring and Brand Management
  • Business Development
  • Analytics and Measurement
  • Analysis and Reports From Subject Matter Experts
  • Social Media Optimization

Managed Social Media Solutions

Do you need someone to listen to the internet and respond to what people say about your company? At Social Strategy1, our managed social media monitoring service does just that. We engage by monitoring the social landscape, escalate the issues when necessary, provide a path to resolution for irritated consumers and reward positive word-of-mouth mentions. Social Strategy1’s broad services encompass all areas of business optimization. We are a One-Stop Shop for online business –literally becoming an extension of your team for online engagement, social media communications and social commerce strategies.

Total Media Monitoring and Brand Management

SS1 Engage is a multiplatform online monitoring system used by our business analysts to organize the internet for you: by sentiment and by frequency. We pull data from countless sources and utilize leading online monitoring platforms to deliver the highest accuracy of relevant mentions.

Analytics and Measurement

Growing a business, we understand resource constraints. That’s why we will measure every cent you invest in social communications and quantify the effectiveness of your investment. With Social Strategy1, it is no longer hard to measure online effectiveness.

Social Media Optimization

Our business analysts engage in the social world on behalf of your company, following mutually determined guidelines set by Social Strategy1 and your team. Our analysts work with your team to place relevant and interesting content where it will have the greatest positive impact for your business. After converting buyers through lead generation techniques, we concentrate on retaining your customers by participating in or even developing new online communities and networking on your behalf to optimize both traffic and sales.

Business Development

We approach every business with a very unique perspective. Our business analysts look at the current business problems and then locate the optimal mix of services that are suitable for your company. Depending on the nature of your business, industry and your competition, we develop a unique strategy with clear and achievable objectives. Social development is a primary focus in each engagement. As we communicate with your customers, we find out what they want, how they want it and benchmark against overall competitive and industry trends. With this information, we craft meaningful and executable growth strategies.

Analysis and Reports From Subject Matter Experts

According to leading research firm Gartner, “Many tools and services are emerging to help an enterprise manage its online and offline reputation, but effective strategy should precede any focus on technology as a savior.” At Social Strategy1, we reach maximum effectiveness in social engagement by using a combination of the human mind and technology. Our social media business analysts go beyond technology, to deliver a more analysis-based strategy and more customized implementation results.

Have any doubts about managed social media? Calculate the cost of not communicating for your business.