Small Biz: Engage Facebook Fans to Become a User’s Top Story

The new Facebook overhaul will provide small businesses with a big opportunity: the more you engage fans on the social network, the more likely your posts will appear as a Top Story, which is the section where posts appear because a Facebook algorithm determines the user might find… Read more

Twitter Finally Launches Brand Pages

Twitter is finally launching its brand pages, which bring it up to speed with other social networks, like Google+ and the well-established Facebook Pages. The move will give companies the opportunity for stronger branding with a large banner in prime real estate at the top of the page, plus… Read more

Where’s Your Social Media Expert?

As a small business owner or manager you probably spend most of your time doing whatever it is your business does best, whether it’s providing medical care or fixing personal computers. You likely already use other professionals to fill in the gaps where you don’t have (or don’t even… Read more

Quick Tip: Monetize the Positive Review

Someone (hopefully, many someones) love your product enough to give it praise on Facebook, YouTube or another social media platform. Treat yourself to a latte and move on, right? Nah! Put those accolades to work for your brand, says Trackur CEO Andy Beal on American Express… Read more

How to Build a Stronger Online Community

How strong is your online community? I’m not talking about the number of Twitter followers or Facebook fans. Instead, I mean strength in the sense of the real connections you’re building on social platforms, whether it’s with online influencers or with professional colleagues. Marketer… Read more

Are You Guilty of Twitter Blunders?

We’ve all read Twitter blunders that make us cringe, chuckle, or say “I’d never do that.” And while hopefully most of us won’t make social media mistakes that invite negative attention from mainstream media, it’s still possible to make the type of Twitter mistakes that cost… Read more

Got Social Media Training?

Social media guidelines are becoming a must-have for many brands, from law firms to pet boutiques. But along with emphasizing appropriate use of social media for internal and external communication, there’s another tool companies can use to create a team that engages customers online with fewer… Read more

What is Pinterest and Why Does It Matter for Brands?

For the last month or so, many of my friends have been gushing over photos they’ve seen on Pinterest. What is Pinterest? The site styles itself as an online bulletin board that allows users to share images of things that catch their eye. In essence, it’s a social bookmarking site for… Read more

Can Brands Rely Too Heavily on the Voice of the Customer?

The voice of the customer. Social platforms give brands the ability to listen to what the customer wants and needs. But after reading a Susannah Edelbaum post on fashion biz blog The High Low, I found myself asking: Is it possible for brands to rely too heavily on the voice of the customer?… Read more