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30 Jul


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The Keywords You Need for Social Media Success

July 30, 2010 | By | One Comment

The keywords you need for social media success

You know enough about social media to know your brand’s moniker is a critical keyword in your online listening campaign. But if your social media monitoring strategy consists solely of searches for the brand name, then you might be missing out on a treasure trove of readily-available intelligence. Here are other keywords you should add to your online listening list:

  • Names of executives and spokespeople: At some point it will happen. A company officer will be arrested for driving while intoxicated or your official spokesperson will get caught with their foot firmly in their mouth. Social media monitoring can give you the warning you need to deal with crises before they become out-of-control media-attracting monsters.
  • Slogans or catchphrases:  Blogger Joe Hall recommends that businesses listen for slogans used in ad campaigns. For example, Kia might monitor for the “You can get with this” phrase in their popular new Soul Hamster commercial.
  • Competition: Using the competitions’ brands, executive names, and slogans as keywords will provide insight into what they are doing and how they are doing it. From customer reviews to loose-lipped employees, it’s worth the effort to include a well thought-out keyword list in your competitive intelligence strategy.
  • Business partners: Your firm works hard to create profitable strategic relationships with the right businesses. That’s why it’s critical to stay abreast of news regarding strategic partners by adding them to your must-have keyword list.
  • Customer defined keywords: Think you know what customers are talking about? Perhaps not. An online listening strategy can let you know if customers frequently misspell your 12-letter brand name or if they rant more about cruddy customer service than they rave about the new product features the A-list bloggers loved.

When it’s time to craft a keyword list that gives you actionable intelligence, contact the social media keyword experts at Social Strategy1.


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