Enterprise Solutions

Get smarter…faster.

We understand there’s a lot that goes into developing a social media strategy and it’s not a one size fits all solution.  Your social media strategy has to include relevant content, quick responses, and a holistic view of across online channels to see the highest possible return on investment.  With Social Strategy1′s enterprise solution, you’ll get this and more.

The team behind Social Strategy1 has been providing US based outsourced solutions for businesses since 1996, from the mainstream adoption of cell phones and search engines to the emergence of blogs, paid search, social media marketing and mobile advertising.  This social media team has lived through negative campaigns and positive returns, and knows how to mitigate risk online and how to leverage to social web for lead generation.

Social Strategy1 delivers relevant messages from social networks, blogs, mainstream news, competitive insights, check-ins and everything in between, and will respond to on your behalf or escalate matters to you when it has an immediate impact on your business.

When businesspeople track what’s really happening behind the scenes, you get intelligence to hone every discipline.

  • Audit – Compare reported to actual activity and spot behind-the-scenes problems only evident from personal posts, from dumping inventory to cooking books.
  • Compliance – Discover policy violations before they become legal issues, from unauthorized outings to illegal termination to other misconduct.
  • M & A – Size up a company’s social reputation from all sides—what employees, competitors, customers and vendors are saying online—before framing a deal.
  • Strategy – Base your plans on real-world, verbatim feedback from customers, competitors and vendors.
  • PublicRelations/Crisis management– SS1 monitors your public relations, crisis communications efforts to help build proofs-of-performance metrics and proactive strategies for the new world of communications
  • Lead Generation – Use social media to generate leads.
  • Operations & Distribution – Get real-time anticipation of demand by location, company, or channel, and let managers see their operations the way customers see them.
  • Product Development – Hear the voice of the customer unfiltered and target development to fill verified gaps in user experiences.
  • Human Resources – Track current employee sentiment and identify the online conversations that are influencing prospective employees.
  • Customer Service – Know where you’re winning and losing with companies and consumers, address individual incidents and diagnose support levels throughout the organization.
  • Marketing – Make it possible to deliver the right messages to the right people in the right forums at the right times.
  • Sales – Spot holes in customers’ understanding at the corporate and individual levels to offer the most relevant solutions now.

We don’t just tell you what’s happening around your business right now; we tell you what it means, where it’s heading, and what you can do about it.

Contact our social strategy team to get a risk-free social media assessment now.