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27 Oct


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Are You Guilty of Twitter Blunders?

October 27, 2011 | By | No Comments

We’ve all read Twitter blunders that make us cringe, chuckle, or say I’d never do that. And while hopefully most of us won’t make social media mistakes that invite negative attention from mainstream media, it’s still possible to make the type of Twitter mistakes that cost followers.

On Social Media Today, Social Turbine’s Josh Lyford shares a few common Twitter blunders. Check out the highlights:

  • Robo tweets. Twitter is “social” media. Anything that is “robo” is the opposite of social. Just say “no” to the robo tweet.
  • Poor content. This is a universal social media “don’t,” whether we’re talking blogs or tweets. Content that is irrelevant or poorly written will not be read or shared. So give ‘em the good stuff.
  • “Ad” Nauseam. Twitter is not social-media-speak for “endless stream of self-serving ads.” While there’s no question that a brand presence on Twitter is designed to build profitability, it should not be done with a barrage of heavy-handed advertising messages.

Beware the Twitter blunders! For a social media strategy that’s profitable and professional, contact the team at Social Strategy1.

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