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06 Oct


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Social Media Backlash for Target Missoni Mess

October 6, 2011 | By | No Comments

A typical Missoni-designed dress can set a fashionista back more than $600! So when discount chain Target announced the release of a limited-time only Missoni line; offering everything from dresses to plates, the customers were ready to buy big. The day of the super-hyped launch, Target’s website crashed as customers tried in vain to place online orders. Other shoppers lined up Black-Friday-style outside retail stores hours before they opened, and most locations sold out within hours.

Then the cancellations started. Target began to cancel orders customers had managed to place during the frenzy. Customers were notified their orders would be delayed, so the voice of the customer moved to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Comments on the Target Facebook Wall included:

I was on hold with customer service for 45 minute trying to place my order…just to find out they can’t assist at all! Totally annoying!”Jerilyn

WHY do the stores in MD (DC area) not have all of the pallets broken out and the goods out?! No signage. This is pitiful. Why hype us up and then not prepare accordingly?  – Shannon

The Missoni Launch is an example of extremely poor customer service! I will be using this as a DON’T in my lecture this week to all my college fashion students!”  – Mary

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