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29 Jul


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SMOTW: Wild NASCAR Prayer, Like A Bus, and Rednecks Failing

July 29, 2011 | By | No Comments

As we close out the month of July, many interesting stories have been going on in the world of social media.  The Comic-Con convention used social media to drive online conversation during the event.  The International Olympic Committee announced that athletes would be allowed to share via social networks while participating in the games.  We also saw positive results from a study performed by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, claiming that cell phone usage does not increase risk of Cancer.

Now that I have you caught up, here are some of the funny stories or videos you may have missed recently.   Enjoy!

Powerful Prayer

The NASCAR Nationwide series was in Nashville, Tennessee last Saturday, July 23rd.  Fans, drivers, and everyone involved were blown away by the powerful pre-race prayer shared by Pastor Joe Nelms.  A must watch:

Joe speaks his heart for sure but he may need to watch another movie besides Talladega Nights. Not only does he pray for his “his smoking hot wife” but he also prays for almost every sponsor of NASCAR. The video has been viewed over 1.5 million times on YouTube and just had a Songify This video (300k views in 2 days) made from it.  What do you think of Joe’s enthusiastic prayer?

Like A Bus

Last month a Russian Bus, #62 to be exact, was caught on film looking like it was trying to recreate a scene from the movie Speed.  The bus driver has no concern for the flood, other motorists, or his passengers.  The original video was posted earlier in the month, but Zharkan16 added The Lonely Island song Like A Boss in the background making the video more enjoyable (also has more views than original video).

They nearly drown the poor women trying to get her car fixed, but other than that it looked like lots of fun.  Next time you are in Russia and see Bus #62, run the other way!

Rednecks Have Fun

The summer time is upon us and for rednecks that means it’s time to explore and try things most of us would never think of doing.  I am not afraid to admit that I have some Redneck in me and at times think like one but I don’t see myself trying many of the activities shown in the video below:

The deer attacking the huge guy is by far my favorite clip!  In closing I leave you with this wonderful quote, “Come here Mama let me get some sugar. I love you baby, I love you Jack!” – The Boogie Woogie Man

If you have any other funny stories or videos to share please do so and comments are always welcome. Have a great weekend and stay safe!

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