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How to better understand your customers

April 25, 2014 | By | No Comments

Today’s business landscape has changed tremendously from the previous 10 years. We operate in a world that is always connected and the power of the product or service has shifted back to the customer.

In order to offer the best service in any market, one needs to understand their customers and how to offer great customer service.

Here are 5 tips on how to better understand your customer:

1. Get Back to the Basics

We have learned since a young age to ask the pertinent questions; who, what, when, where, and why. The basis of customer service has and always will relay back to these questions. It can lead to discovery of customer’s true needs and establishes great rapport.e

2. Practice Your Active Listening

Active listening is something that can always be improved on. It involves really listening to all of the explicit and implicit communication that a customer conveys when stating their challenges, questions, and needs. Watch and listen to see the whole picture and don’t forget to ask the basics.

3. Empathize

Customers want to be heard and offered solutions – that is why they work with you. Empathy bridges the gap of active listening to offering solutions. Next time a customer explains their dissatisfaction, empathize and offer solutions. Sure an apology is nice too, but a sure fire way to gain loyalty is by providing solutions for the future.

4. Be Reassuring

Provide reassurance that their needs and concerns are being met. This should always follow the conversation about what solutions you plan to offer. It is important to reiterate that you will follow through and take care of their needs. Doing this will put their minds at ease.

5. Follow up

All good customer service interactions end with a follow up to gauge how your solutions are working for the customer. This should reassure them that you have provided the best customer service possible and reaffirms the reason they are doing business with you versus your competition.

About the author:

Kenneth Ginapp is the business development representative for Remedy Intelligent Staffing where he seeks new sales opportunities and develops strong sales funnels to provide qualified leads, develop new and current relationships, and communicates with clients through the sales process.

Remedy Intelligent Staffing is a premier firm in the staffing industry with over 400 offices nationwide. With over 45 years in the business we have found excellent ways to match great people to their interests and career goals through on-site programs, risk management, human resources, and employment laws.

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