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Product Overview

See the big picture

We mine and analyze data from 99.9% of the web.
Mentions of your products, services, competitors, employees, and industry are gathered from social media, traditional media, blogs, video and more. Data is Visualized & reports only display essential mentions.


Uncover opportunities

Find customers and sales leads through campaign filters that organize data by keyword, sentiment, date, and media channel.  Click through to the actual tweet, blog post, article or comment about your business.
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ROI performance

Compare and contrast campaign success metrics to benchmark your marketing, advertising and communications performance. Know exactly which half of your marketing works.

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Engage audiences

Connect with customers on a one-to-one level. Since we gather mentions from the entire web, you can have conversations with customers in the channels they prefer. Find your most active customers and easily integrate with any CRM tool.

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Protect your brand

Stay atop of potential crisis or compliance issues with real-time reporting and escalation alert features. When there is a tweet or an article you need to know about immediately, you’ll be sent a text, email or call from our team.

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We’ll guide the way

Our team provides Strategy, Training, Reporting,& Support to make sure you succeed. We provide data analysis reports for executive decision makers to comprehend what it all means to the bottom line.
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Want a sample report?

Get a sample brand analysis report to understand your customers’ preferences, your brand reputation and exactly what we can offer your business.