April Fools

Don’t worry you can keep reading , I’m not going to tell some elaborate story in this blog and end it with “April Fools!”
As April fool’s day is here, I sit and think about a traumatic childhood experience and why I despise this day. When I was ten years old, on this very day thirteen years ago my parents hid my bike and told me that someone had stolen it. After watching me become enraged after a thorough search of the house, my parents revealed that it was just an “April Fool’s Joke” and my bike was in the back of their car. Now every year on this day I spend my day paranoid about who is telling the truth and who is trying to tell me a “Joke”.

My April Fools are actual people doing real things that just happen to be foolish. I have a doozy to begin with:

Who is the bigger fool? I actually believe the biggest fool is this guy who brought a baby to a professional tennis match. One could understand David Ferrer’s frustration and the guy holding the baby got off easy. Why is anyone bringing an infant to a quiet sporting event? If this happened in golf one of the player’s caddies would go Ron Artest on the guy.

It’s hard to call Bob Parsons CEO of GoDaddy.com a fool, but the guy did recently kill an African elephant in Zimbabwe and videotaped the entire thing. Then he (or someone close to him) posted the pictures and video online that they had taken of the trip.

He had to realize how sensitive the American people are to animals, he must not have seen the Mike Vick case. PETA and other animal rights organizations are going after Parsons but he claims that it was all done for village protection from the herds of elephants.

What do you think? Should Parsons face criticism for what he did?

I leave you with the fools from March caught on video. If you have seven minutes this is well worth your time.

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