What Does Your Data Really Say About Your Brand?

Do you know what your customers and stakeholders think about your brand? Do you know the status of your brand’s online reputation? For many executives and business owners, the answer is probably “yes”. But sometimes, customer opinions and brand discussions may surprise you. Does your data stack… Read more

How Data Drives Conversations Online

Online data analysis isn’t just a method for tracking your campaigns or monitoring what people are saying about you. It can be a driving force for your brand’s conversation, message and even products, so you can provide more value to the customer. Data analysis allows you to find and track trends that may not be immediately apparent. Tracking real time trends can allow you to predict what’s next and position your brand messaging and product development to meet the future needs and… Read more

Should You Consolidate Your Brand Online?

For franchises, large brands with multiple locations, or an umbrella or parent brand, questions may arise as to how to approach online presence and communities. We know that having a web presence is important, but how should that web presence appear for a brand with more than one… Read more

Importance of Community in Women’s Healthcare

If you spend time on the Internet regularly, chances are you belong to an online community. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blogs, forums, and websites all have different ways of connecting people. In the medical field, especially women’s healthcare, Social Strategy1’s online media monitoring… Read more

Niche Market Insights: Financial Communities and the PCAOB

Have you heard all of the recent online chatter about  new accounting practices that if implemented, could affect any publicly traded company?  While the audit procedural discussions streaming out of the financial sector are plentiful, unless you’re a CFO or CPA, you probably overlooked it, even though it has gained a lot of traction in the finance community. These audit and compliance discussions streaming out social media and other online channels are plentiful, and it could have… Read more

Content Marketing for Business: Blogging Basics

Content is king, right? And content marketing is a great way to connect and share with your customers and stakeholders.  When you hear the term “content marketing,” the first thing you might think of is a blog.  A blog is only one method… Read more

Using Online Listening Insights in Your Business Strategy

Welcome to the final installment of our three-part blog series about online listening. Last week, we talked about the insights you can gain from online listening.  Once you’ve found important key trends, you can put… Read more

Online Listening: The Impact of Insights

Welcome to part two of our three-part weekly blog series about online listening. Last week, we talked about why listen, who to listen to, when and where to listen, and what you gain as a result of listening. But what next? Once you start an online listening program, what do you do with all the tweets, blog posts, forum discussions, comments and online conversations that you find? Read more

Why Online Listening?

Every member of the team at Social Strategy1 has heard this favorite quote from our fearless leader, Dennis: “We have two ears and one mouth, so you should use them proportionally.” While Dennis may like to think this quote is his own brainchild, it actually dates back to the Greek philosopher Epictetus. From the ancient agora to the modern office, we’ve always valued good listeners.Read more