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09 Mar


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Making Sense of Online Behavior - Social Strategy1 Featured in PR Week

March 9, 2012 | By | No Comments

Social Strategy1’s service, Engage, was featured this week in PR Week, the world’s leading weekly PR publication - and provider of multi-media content to professional communicators and reputation managers.

In the article by PR Week’s Tanya Lewis, Peppercom co-founder and managing partner Steve Cody shared, “Social Strategy 1 helps me keep ahead of the big issues facing clients and prospective clients based on what’s being said in chat rooms and by bloggers and other influencers. I want to know where marketing spend is going and what Social Strategy 1 thinks in terms of trends – back six to 12 months and forward six months.”

Cody joined forces with Social Strategy1 about 15 months ago, after a client introduced him to it.  “I give the product a very narrow focus – 12 to 13 touch points – and I get daily reports and a weekly wrap-up,” Cody added.  “I also specify what I’m not interested in. The weekly summary includes the same word clouds and a couple of graphs. For example, Social Strategy 1 might tell me that the number one word for the week was “authenticity” and give me the contexts in which it was used. It also tells me what looks to be getting more important on the radar screen.”

When asked “how does it serve your business needs,” Cody responded “Social Strategy 1 might send me a report that says internal communication is becoming more of an issue in terms of authenticity. We can then set up a meeting with a client we’ve yet to sell on internal communications to see if we can help based on fresh Social Strategy 1 data about authenticity and internal communications. It gives us quantitative, real-time information that we can take to clients, and then we can present a solution. It’s also really helpful from a budgeting standpoint. For example, if Social Strategy 1 gives me the insight that companies are cutting conference budgets by 20% in 2012, I’m not going to put too much of my budget into events this year.”

Thanks to Steve Cody for sharing his experiences with Social Strategy1.

Click here to read the entire PR Week Social Strategy 1 makes sense of online behavior - PRWeek US.


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