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16 Mar


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Do Firms Skimp on Social Media Training?

March 16, 2011 | By | No Comments

How much do you spend on staff social media training? If your answer was somewhere in the neighborhood of little to none, you’re not alone. Companies reported spending relatively little on social business training and education programs for staff, according to Altimeter data. Jeremiah Owyang writes the data suggests that firms with over $10 billion in revenue will each spend under $70,000 in 2011 on training and education.

In comparison, here’s a sample of the average these big companies will spend on other social business costs:

  • $525,000 for staff to manage
  • $130,000 for research and development
  • $350,000 for ad/marketing spend
  • $117,000 for influencer/blogger programs

The level of spending on training and education seems a bit on the low side (Jeremiah alludes to it in his post as well.) Is it because there’s a perception that tweeting or posting isn’t rocket science? Is it because social business is so new that brands are still in the process of developing best practices? Or is the cost of training just that low?

Please share your thoughts. Do you get the sense that, generally speaking, brands should invest more in social business training and education?  Why or why not?

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