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4 Benefits of Social Media Recruiting and Creating an Overall Strategy

March 7, 2013 | By | No Comments

It’s becoming increasingly common to use social media for operational and business functions, but some organizations have yet to acknowledge the power and usefulness of its reach. Below we’ve outlined some of the many reasons recruiters are implementing hiring strategies through social media.

4 Benefits for Social Media Recruiting

  1. Diversity -All of these channels offer diverse results that recruiters can filter by a wide range of demographics and career level to match their needs.
  2. Referral Improvement – Often, the power of an employee referral enables the hiring manager to access additional resources prior to bringing on the referred candidate. By applying this method to social media tools, social media recruiting can help hiring managers can review a candidate’s resume, co-worker recommendation, review skills, previous job profiles and professional references for credibility to ensure that the hire is a good move.
  3. Increases Visibility – Recruiting through social media enables companies and job seekers to build their own community or forum with career opportunities and sift through multiple channels for relevant results. Most social platforms offer options to filter and match job opportunities depending on location, skill level, titles, years of experience, and salary range.
  4. Large Reach - Social media tools help recruiters engage with large audiences to get a comprehensive sense of characteristics, culture, experience and personality.

How to Create an Overall Strategy:

Now that you’ve read a few of the many benefits, it’s time to build an overall strategy with structure and commitment in facilitating searching, interviewing and hiring processes. UPS successfully integrated social media into other areas of the recruitment strategy such as a career website, employee referral program, media plan, etc.

UPS shared the effectiveness of using social media for recruitment in their slideshare, “Making the Quantum Leap: UPS Social Media Recruitment ROI 2012.”

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