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21 Feb


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Yo Quiero ORM!

February 21, 2011 | By | No Comments

Do you want an online reputation management strategy? In a socially wired world, a brand’s answer must be Yes! And if we need an example of why online reputation management is so critical in today’s business environment, we need look no further than the recent Taco Bell lawsuit.

When a class-action suit alleged that the national chain misrepresented its beef products, the company was ready with an online defense strategy. What did they do?

  • Taco Bell laid the groundwork for defending their reputation long before the PR crisis. From Facebook pages to a YouTube channel, the company had already built a base of brand advocates, positive content, and established engagement platforms. As Patrick Kerley wrote on Mashable, the company was “…using their peacetime wisely…”
  • Taco Bell launched immediate efforts to organically dominate search engine results. Part of their search engine marketing (SEM) campaign included sponsored links to content emphasizing the company’s commitment to food quality.

We may not know yet how effective their brand defense was, but we do know this: Taco Bell was ready with a digital defense strategy. Are you?

For a detailed account of Taco Bell’s social media defense, check out Mashable articles by Todd Wasserman and digital strategist Patrick Kerley.

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