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07 Dec


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Who’s Representing Your Brand Online?

December 7, 2010 | By | No Comments

You know who’s answering the office phone. You know who handles the company taxes. But do you know who’s representing your brand online? Here are two possibilities to be on the lookout for:

Is the wrong person representing you?

Entrepreneur’s article “A Corporate Guide for Social Media” suggests that online brand representation should never be delegated to an employee or intern who does not accurately represent the culture or brand. Imagine a staff member who treats tweeting customers badly or an intern who cannot be bothered to answer any customer’s blog comment.

One way to ensure you’ve got the right person is to train employees how to interact with customers on social networks. For example, send staff to social media conferences and events, such as LiftSummit (co-sponsored by Social Strategy1). Also connect employees with colleagues at other companies already in the social network mix and provide any other resources needed to learn about effective online interaction.

Perhaps no one represents you online.

This answer may be scarier than the last one. Why? Because if you’re not involved in the conversation then dissatisfied customers and angry reviewers will be. Sure, positive comments will appear, too, but remember the old customer service adage that says, “A satisfied customer will tell 3 people, and an angry customer will tell 10.” When a reporter, shareholder, or potential customer searches for your brand online, that negative sentiment will appear in search results. Don’t let unhappy customers be your brand’s sole online voice.

Invest in a professional brand advocate.

If the wrong person or—perhaps worse—no one represents your company online, it’s time to consider a professional brand advocate. You need a Jenny. The Get a Jenny team at Social Strategy1 will be your brand’s voice on social networks. Contact Jenny today to learn more about creating a managed solution to your web presence and online reputation.

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