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14 Apr


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Where’s Your Social Media Learning Plan?

April 14, 2011 | By | No Comments

Recently, Altimeter Group’s Jeremiah Owyang wrote that enterprise-level companies estimate they’ll spend about $23,000 on social media training in 2011. That doesn’t seem like a significant investment for big companies. However, as businesses become more social they may find that training will need to become more entrenched in their digital strategies.

Jeremiah shares a social media training matrix for a curriculum that will lead firms to success in the social sphere. For example, executive training might include competitive benchmarking and case studies, while training for associates and employees would entail learning about social media policies and ethics as well as social media triage processes.

He also provides tips for the corporate training program, including:

  • Integrating the training into new hire orientation.
  • Rewarding participation. To paraphrase Jeremiah: think carrot, not stick. Consider a certification program.
  • Continuing education programs.

 What’s been your experience with formal corporate social media training?

 **For tips on creating the social media guidelines that act as a starting point for training initiatives, check out Monica’s Does Your Company Have Social Media Guidelines?

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