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11 May


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Where’s Your Quarter-Million Dollar Sale?

May 11, 2010 | By | No Comments

Social media monitoring facts– Where’s your quarter-million dollar sale?

By now, you know that social media monitoring is no longer a novelty to be ignored. In fact, it needs every bit of the attention your business invests in other functions, such as advertising. If online listening and social engagement are new for you, here are four must-have facts:

It pays to listen.

Avaya is the perfect example of how a company can cash in when it learns to listen. A company rep came across a Tweet which read: “shoretel or avaya? Time for a new phone system very soon” Within 15 minutes, Avaya had responded that they could help the customer make an objective decision.  Within 2 weeks, Avaya had closed a $250,000 sale. After the sale closed, the customer tweeted again: “…we have selected AVAYA as our new phone system. Excited by the technology and benefits…”

Do you have a quarter-million dollar prospect wandering through cyberspace? The fact is that you won’t know unless you have your ears engaged.

If you’re not monitoring social media, the competition is.

Was Avaya’s competition listening the day the company snagged that big sale? Who knows? What is clear is that by ignoring the online world, companies risk anything from lost sales to customer alienation. Don’t give the competition a valuable edge. Instead learn to grab the social animal by the horns and direct it where you want it to go.

Social media monitoring is not a job for the interns.

As talented as that latest class of interns might be, it’s questionable whether they have the expertise to take an endeavor from concept to success. Investing in the right social media monitoring service gives you access to a wealth of technology and experience that will help your online listening and social engagement strategy fatten the bottom line.

You need a social media monitoring strategy.

Setting up shop on Twitter does not a strategy make. From establishing goals to measuring results, the only way to achieve success in social media and online reputation management is to give it the same attention you give to marketing or finance. Remember, too, that as you craft the strategy it should sync with the company’s overall goals.

Social media strategy may be new to you, but there is a way to get the guidance you need for success. Contact the professionals at Social Strategy1 to learn how they can get you started today.

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