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03 Mar


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Use Empowered Employees to Engage

March 3, 2011 | By | No Comments

Business runs on people power, whether it’s the warehouse worker who unloads trucks or the administrative assistant legendary for supernatural organizational abilities. They have skills. They have know-how. And they can help expand your brand’s digital footprint by delivering social media content, according to The Urbane Way’s Eric Brown on Social Media Explorer.

How do brands utilize these internal ambassadors? Eric’s property management business, for example, no longer relies solely on traditional media to drive leads. Instead, the leasing staff posts on Facebook, tweets, blogs, and posts videos. The company then tracks the social media outreach.

But, as Eric points out, some brands fear the employee empowered to connect over social media. What do you think scares some decision makers about letting the staff represent the brand on social media networks? What can companies do to overcome the fear so they can build a team of internal ambassadors?

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