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16 Jun


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Twitter Users Have Questions, They Want Brands with Answers

June 16, 2011 | By | No Comments

Twitter users want brands to answer their tweeted questions—even when the users tweet those questions to all their followers instead of directing them to the relevant company (such as through a direct message). Research from InboxQ, and shared on eMarketer, reports that roughly 60% of surveyed Twitter users specified that they want to receive a brand response to their tweeted inquiries.

But are companies listening to and engaging those consumers? The survey evidence suggests brands need to do a better job: 21% of Twitter users with less than 100 followers received a company response to a tweeted question; 41% with over 100 followers reported receiving one.

It’s yet another indication of how critical social media monitoring is to online engagement. How much revenue will a brand lose out on simply because it’s not listening for the right search terms on Twitter?

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