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02 Nov


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The Cure for Social Media Overload

November 2, 2010 | By | No Comments

Does the thought of taking your brand to the wide world of social media have you reaching for the headache meds? It sounds like you may have contracted a case of social media overload.

Don’t worry; the doctor is in. Here’s a two-part treatment plan that’s guaranteed to relieve the symptoms:

Recognize that your brand doesn’t need a presence on every social site.

 In “Keeping up with social networking sites: How much is enough?” the Washington Post’s Monica Hess writes:

“At one point in their centuries-old history, the Amish were not the technological relics they are today. Everyone else was churning and buggying right along with them. At some point, electricity was invented and the Amish had to reject it. Cars were invented and they took a pass. We’re good with the buggy, they said. Motor on without us.

That means if you’re a lawyer, you may be able to pass on MySpace, and if you’re a small town medical office, you may not need to create your own Ning community.

But which sites should you choose? Start by tapping into the conversation. By monitoring your brand’s presence on the web, you’ll learn where to invest your social media time and dollars.

You can find help.

One of the most intimidating aspects of social media, especially for small and mid-sized companies, is finding the expertise and people power to create engaging relationships with consumers. Some companies may be able to use employees to monitor online reputation and start conversations with customers. That can be hard for others, however. After all, when will you find time to monitor 3 or 4 different social sites when you have a dentist’s office to manage?

If the thought of finding time to respond to criticisms, kudos, and conversations causes your overload symptoms to flare up, it’s time to get professional-level relief. Social media pros will act as your brand advocate, from answering comments to correcting misperceptions. They take the stress off of you, so you can go on doing whatever it is you do best, whether it’s defending a client or selling gourmet pretzels.

It’s time to find a doctor with the prescription to cure social media overload. From online listening to customer engagement, the Social Strategy1 team has the tools and experience you need for relief. Contact us today—the doctor is in!

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