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03 Mar


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Super Bowl Ad-telligence | Beyond the 30 Second Spot

March 3, 2011 | By | No Comments

super bowl ads - social media chatter analysisThe 2011 Super Bowl turned out to be the most viewed television event in history, with 111 million people in the US tuning in the watch Green Bay defeat Pittsburgh. Big brands spend millions of dollars producing ads to run during the Super Bowl, and then spend millions more buying ad time during the event. But who are the true brand winners weeks after the event?

Much discussion has taken place around the value of Super Bowl commercials; costs of production, cost to air the commercials, how to measure the return on investment, and of course who are the real brand winners and losers. This year, Social Strategy1 took a new approach to measurement by analyzing the staying power
of commercials shown during the event, based on social media buzz. Using the power of Social Strategy1’s platform coupled with analyst input, Social Strategy1 set out to measure the longevity of those ads shown during the Super Bowl, including the reach, frequency and velocity of the hundreds of thousand Twitter conversations leading up to the game and then for two weeks later, because as smart marketers know, the Super Bowl is no longer just a one day event.

Read “Measuring the Social Media Chatter of the 2011 Super Bowl Commercials – Who Were the Real Winners?”

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