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04 Jul


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Sprout Interacts with Kids via Pajama Vote

July 4, 2011 | By | No Comments

“Mom! We get to pick Nina’s pajamas. Can we go to Sprout Online to pick them?” It seems my son has been initiated into the power of consumer choice. Sprout is a 24-hour preschool channel showing programs that have some redeeming value. It’s recently started to broadcast commercials announcing that viewers can vote online to pick the next set of pajamas worn by The Good Night Show host Nina.

If you’ve watched The Good Night Show you know what a big deal the You Pick the PJs campaign is, in part because Nina has worn the same pajamas since, well, forever. In fact, it’s become a running joke in my house, and if you watch Sprout, it’s likely one in yours, too.

But the other reason it sparked my interest was that it made me wonder how important consumer choice will be in the way my son’s generation interacts with brands. Sure, the idea of customers building their own product has been around for awhile (think Subway shops), but social media and other online platforms are making it so easy for consumers to communicate what they want, nearly anytime and, increasingly, anyplace.

It seems to me that the younger half of the digital generation is being primed to choose and primed to expect a certain level of interaction with brands.  Do you think building a social media or online presence will still be optional in years to come?

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