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13 Sep


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Social Media Trust-building Tips for Attorneys

September 13, 2010 | By | No Comments

courtesy of Mashable

Social Media Trust-building Tips for Attorneys

In years past, people chose attorneys based on simple word of mouth: a lunch with mom or a coffee break with a co-worker. Now old-fashioned word of mouth has gone viral. Clients can rant on a blog or rave on a review site. They might even create a YouTube video about services gone wrong. But Facebook, Twitter and other sites aren’t just places for clients to talk. Social media is also a smart way for lawyers to establish trust with their audience. Here are quick tips on how to use social media to build trust with clients:

Nail a niche.

In an interview for Mashable, legal affairs reporter Rachel Zahorsky says that building a blogging reputation in a niche has earned several lawyers a national reputation. From real estate law to employment litigation, an attorney can establish credibility in a specific field, making them the go-to lawyer in their area.

Don’t be a know-it-all.

Another way to lay the foundation for trust is by sharing the knowledge of others in your field. For instance, provide links to blogs clients might find relevant or ask a colleague to write a guest post for your blog. This transforms you from being just a lawyer with something on his or her mind to the kind of legal expert who offers clients a range of resources.

Get personal.

Using social media to build a practice doesn’t mean you’re consigned to blogging about DUI convictions or family law. In fact, it’s easier to engage clients and build trust by sharing bits of your personality, according to Mashable’s Matt Silverman. So don’t be afraid to Tweet that you bleed Crimson and white during college pigskin season or you love the new shop that opened next to your offices.

Make like glass-be transparent.

No one likes to read negative comments about themselves or their job performance, especially when the review is online for the whole world to read. Yet, it’s important not to remove negative comments from blogs, Facebook pages, etc. Allowing the comments to stand conveys transparency that’s paramount in the social media world and creates the basis for trustworthy client relationships.

It’s time to start building trust with potential and current clients using the updated version of word of mouth: social media. To learn more about the social media monitoring and online engagement strategies that will grow your practice, contact the professionals at Social Strategy1.

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