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30 Aug


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Social Media Toolkit: The Company Profile

August 30, 2010 | By | No Comments

Social media toolkit: The company profile

From sentiment monitoring to online reputation management, social media offers businesses consumer insight and relationship building that was just a dream a few years ago. But you can’t reap any of those advantages if you haven’t implemented the most basic component of social media strategy: the company profile.

  1. Find the right site – There are hundreds of social network sites, and not all of them are right for your brand. It’s likely that you already have a sense for where some of your customers interact, but you might be missing some—after all, the social web is so much more than just Facebook or Twitter. One way to make sure you’re laying your social media foundation in the right spot is by using an online listening program. By learning where your customers are, you’ll get a better sense of where you need to be.
  2. Create a profile – Whether it’s starting a Facebook page or creating a Twitter account, you’ll need to do more than stake your claim. Fill out that profile—after all, the customers who are viewing it want that info. Consider adding a brief company bio as well as a mission or vision statement. What’s more, you can put a face to the brand by adding photos and tidbits about key employees, such as customer care personnel.
  3. Start talking – Work doesn’t stop when the profile is live. Now it’s time to spread those social butterfly wings and start the conversation. Ask consumers what they think and do. Do they use your product in creative ways? How does your product help their day go more smoothly? In addition to soliciting feedback, another way to engage potential and current customers is by participating in their conversations. Comment on their posts. Tweet a relevant link. Be social.

Building your corporate profile is one of the basic building blocks of a comprehensive social media strategy. Without one, customers and other stakeholders will be forced to form opinions about your brand from other sources—good and bad. So start writing your own story by building a profile today. For more information about how to get started, contact Social Strategy1.

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