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04 Mar


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Social Media Off-The-Wall

March 4, 2011 | By | No Comments

Week of March 1st

During rough times Americans have a tendency to fall in love with outlaws. Old western outlaws like John Wesley Hardin, Jesse James, and the Apache Kid have so many myths and tales told about them because people thought of them as heroes. In the early 1900’s, folks were captivated by Bonnie & Clyde, John Dillinger, and Baby Face Nelson. Despite being bank robbers and murderers, they fascinated a nation by avoiding the law or breaking out of prisons when they were actually caught.

charlie sheen messed up

Courtesy TMZ

Charlie Sheen has become the modern day outlaw. His “rehab is for quitters” attitude and rash of peculiar words and actions has caught the attention of the whole country. In just 25 hours, he unwittingly set a new Guinness World Record for capturing the most twitter followers in that period of time (1.2 million followers).

@charliesheen: In all sincerity… Thank you Twitter community for the warm reception & the followers that helped get me to 1M in 24 hours!!! #teamsheen

He is the highest paid television actor, earning $1.25 Million per episode. His recent behavior and the cancellation of the production of CBS’s hit show Two and a Half Men, has people watching, and shares of CBS booming. The stock is up over 4% in the last few weeks, though the most likely cause for the rise was strong CBS earnings.

Our country has hit a rough patch here and we are all looking for heroes. The proud people of Detroit want to erect a statue of their fictional hero, Robocop. To this day, fans of the Robocop statue have pledged over $60,000 to get it built.

This video shows the humor behind building a statue of a fictional hero.

I, for one, love this idea.  In fact, I wish we could erect statues of Judge Dredd and Korben Dallas from the Fifth Element, too.

Alright, so here’s my list of funny tweets from this week:

@charliesheen: the title of my book has finally been delivered thru vast and extensive Lunar channels. “Apocalypse Me” Warlock Latin for WINNING. C

@sarahksilverman: My thoughts and prayers are with Charlie Sheen tonight, as he’s been diagnosed with Full Blown Busey

@timmccarver: Wanna know #BYU’s honor code? Think of everything Charlie Sheen does. It’s the exact opposite.

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