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17 Jun


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Social Media Off The Wall: Rebecca Black, Golf Boys, and Disturbia

June 17, 2011 | By | No Comments

After another week of Weinergate controlling most media outlets, I wanted to lighten up the mood with some great videos from the past week.  Enjoy!

Rebecca Black Friday

In quite possibly one of oddest moves on social media recently, Rebecca Black’s Friday music video was taken down from YouTube because of a “copyright claim by Rebecca Black”.  Why would anyone advise her to do this? At the young age of just 13 I doubt she made this decision on her own.

The video had been viewed more than 165 million times on YouTube (since February 10th) and made her a trendy topic on Twitter (Black has 323,318 followers).  The painful music video can now be seen on SchoolTube (Update: SchoolTube is having problems on their video page but the Mashable embedded video still works). Everyone should watch the parody below because it is much better than the actual video and will make you laugh very hard.

“Fun, fun, fun, fun….I can’t stop saying fun!”

Golf Boys Shine

Golf has always been portrayed as a sport for stiffs and the wealthy.  Now that it has a global reach, amazing talent, and a fun youthful feel, the game of Golf is finally breaking some of the stereotypes.  Bubba Watson is very involved on Twitter (144,098 followers) and has made a name for himself on YouTube with the “Ole’ Wooden Stick”. Bubba’s friend Ben Crane, who is hilarious, blew up on YouTube with his workout video and decided to get together a few guys to do a funny video to benefit charity. The Golf Boys (Ben Crane, Hunter Mahan, Bubba Watson, and Rickie Fowler) formed recently and just released their first hit “Oh Oh Oh” via various social media outlets.

It’s already a hit (over 1 million views) and I cannot wait to see what they do next, “OODA LALIE LALIE”.

Amazing Dancing Kid

Most of the time when you walk past an arcade and watch a kid sweating his or her heart out on the Dance Dance Revolution game; your thinking either “Wow He’s Good” or “She May Need Another Hobby”. The kid in the video below changed how I thought about dancing games; he’s so good he makes shoppers stop and gawk.

He kills it and may even encourage me to give the Xbox Kinect dancing video games a trial.

A very Happy Friday to everyone reading, I hope y’all have a great & safe weekend!

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