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24 Jun



Social Media Off The Wall: Football Cops, Dancing Gorilla, & New Sinatra

June 24, 2011 | By | 2 Comments

The big stories this week in Social Media were the FourSquare & AmEx Partnership, the tragic death of Jackass Star Ryan Dunn, and the ICANN vote for approval of Top-Level Domains.  If you have not read into those stories I would advise you to check them out.

As usual on Friday, it’s time for me to share the entertaining and humorous bits that have been circulating on the social web this week.

Football Cops Trailer

As much as I despise watching Peyton Manning break my team’s heart every year, he is hilarious and one of the best players to ever play football.  He and his brother Eli Manning have been featured in ESPN and Oreo ads in the past, but recently acted as Mike Tahoe & C.J. Hunter in a hilarious commercial for DirecTV.

“I guess nobody told him that justice was a team sport!” – Mike Tahoe

I love how they involved their father Archie in the video, too funny.  If the NFL lockout continues these guys should stick to acting, and actually film Football Cops.

Surprise Sinatra

I have never had the time or ambition to watch Network Reality Talent Shows like American Idol and America’s Got Talent, but I cannot sit here and say that I haven’t seen amazing videos of contestants on these shows that completely blow my mind.  Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. is a former car detailer who showed the world his amazing talent a few nights ago.  Watch the video but I agree with Piers Morgan, I never would have expected a Frank Sinatra like voice to come out of his mouth.

I hope to see him continue to sing and bring back that style of music.  Good luck Landau!

Break Dancing Gorilla

Zola, a nine year old male Western lowland gorilla, is the new star at the Calgary Zoo. According to the Zoo’s YouTube Page, “He loves to play in water and keepers regularly give him the opportunity to do so.” His keepers took a video of him playing in the water, added music to it, and posted it on YouTube turning Zola into a viral superstar. Watch Zola bust a move:

It is great publicity for the animal and the Zoo. The video should also give people in related fields great ideas on how to promote animal themed parks (like zoos) and conservation areas via the web.

I hope everyone enjoyed the post.  Have a great weekend and remember to wear plenty of sun block!


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