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09 Dec


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Social Media Monitoring Not Just for Buzz Analysis Anymore! 5 Facts of SMM.

December 9, 2010 | By | No Comments

Special Guest Blog  from Social Strategy1 Co-Founder, Dennis Stoutenburgh.

Social Media Monitoring Not Just For Buzz Analysis Anymore! 5 Facts of SMM.

social media monitoring

If someone told you that they just bought an iPhone and its got this great application – it accepts incoming phone calls, you would probably wonder what planet they were from.  Monitoring social media solely for buzz analysis is about the same thing.  You have an incredibly powerful analytics tool that if utilized properly can help transform the way you work.

While buzz analysis much like an incoming phone call, is an important data element, it is only the tip of the iceberg.  Social Media Monitoring (SMM) is an online intelligence gathering exercise that can help companies solve complex business issues.  Here are 5 facts that you can bank on:

  1. Gathering data and conducting competitive product analysis provides insight into product development and revenue enhancement strategies.
  2. Engaging customers directly leads to stickier customers who feel like they are being heard, and by engaging with them while they are online and where they are active, in a manner that is convenient to them, will lead to ‘Customers for Life’.
  3. Responding to inaccurate reporting or posts in a timely manner will positively impact your on-line reputation.
  4. Determining what your customers are saying about you and what potential customers are saying about your competitors can help shape your marketing strategies.
  5. Continuous intelligence gathering can help you measure the impact of your campaigns.

These are just a few of the many examples of how Social Strategy1 clients are utilizing social media mining as a business intelligence tool to help them grow their business.

So the next time someone talks to you about ‘buzz analysis’, think of the one trick iPhone and remember that the core value of total media monitoring is reflected in its use as a critical business intelligence tool.

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