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06 May


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Social Media Moms Share More Info, Report Says

May 6, 2011 | By | No Comments

Moms active on social media are more likely to become brand advocates than those who aren’t, according to two new reports from Motista. The reports, which specifically examined moms’ relationships with national banks and e-reader brands, reveal that social media moms feel a stronger connection with brands.

Social media-using moms are:

  • 5x more likely to forward bank information to friends
  • 3x more likely to say their bank helps them be a better parent
  • Twice as likely to believe their bank helps them reach their personal goals
  • Nearly twice as likely to show high purchase intent for new bank products and services
  • Twice as likely to share information with friends about their e-reader
  • Twice as likely to pay more for their e-reader
  •  More likely to say that their e-reader brand “understands their lifestyle”

All interesting numbers, but the idea that more social media moms (32% of them, to be exact) say their bank helps them be a better parent is the yummiest. What do you make of that?

For more details, check out Business Wire and BizReport.

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