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30 Dec


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Social Media – Focus Group on Demand

December 30, 2010 | By | One Comment

Special Guest Blog  from Social Strategy1 Co-Founder, Dennis Stoutenburgh.

Assembling focus groups for marketers and brand managers to get feedback about brands and products has been a marketing staple for decades.  The advent of social media to the mainstream together with the ability to monitor conversations about brands and competitive brands brings together a new concept of real time on demand focus groups.

Social Media Monitoring tools like Social Strategy 1, allow brands to “listen” to conversations about their brands and competitors brands real time and in a forum where customers are completely comfortable exchanging their views with the friends and other interested parties.  This is the equivalent of having a backyard barbeque with thousands of people and not having to listen to stories about someone’s family or vacation but only listen to all of the conversations about your brand, how people are using your product and what would make it better. 

Enabling companies to make decisions about how to position products in the market compared to your competitors based on what is important to consumers of your product is invaluable information and now available real time. 

Companies and brands that take advantage of the full scope of social media and the advantages of real time intelligence will find themselves industry leaders while their competitors are busy assembling focus groups to find out about what happened at last weeks barbeque.


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