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10 Feb


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Social Media Contest Fail

February 10, 2011 | By | No Comments

Want to win a car? Ignite’s Olivia Hayes tried to. She entered Kia’s One Epic Contest  for the chance to be one of five contestants to win a 2011 Optima. Each day over a 5-day period, entrants were to find a clue on a microsite and enter an answer, with the final clue being posted during the Super Bowl. Participants also had to complete 10 puzzles. Only those with 5 correct answers and 10 completed puzzles were entered for a chance to win.

Olivia’s account of her experience reads like a “What Not to Do” when executing a social media campaign:

  • She and others encountered multiple technical problems while trying to log into contest accounts.
  • Olivia turned to Facebook to learn whether others were having the same issues. She had to hunt for the Kia page because the brand uses separate pages for each model, instead of having a single brand page.
  • The Facebook page was littered with complaints from other participants having similar problems. Responding brand reps didn’t offer meaningful support.
  • When Olivia was able to access the contest, she and her friends found the required puzzles progressively difficult, eventually giving up before completing all 10. Posts on the Optima Facebook page made it clear that others found the experience frustrating as well.

Here’s a question for you:

Social media strategy + poor execution = [blank]

Sorry, we don’t have cars to give away. If you answer correctly you’ll have to be content in the knowledge that you’re a social media rock star.

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