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20 May


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SMOTW: Social Media Stars This Week

May 20, 2011 | By | No Comments

I enjoyed listening to some folks I consider to be famous at this year’s Digital Summit talk about growing yourself/ brand online and becoming a social media “star”.  That got me thinking that every week new people become instant social media superstars, by simply uploading or sharing something they did online.

Below are my picks for this week’s Social Media Superstars (omitting Bear Grylls who I featured in yesterday’s blog):

Matt’s Marriage Proposal

I know many guys out there who think they are clever, think again.  Matt wanted a great way to propose to girlfriend Ginny, so he hired a videographer and made a movie trailer for her.  The trick was he got the local movie theater to work with him, and play the trailer during the movie previews in an occupied theater for the movie, “Fast Five.”  Ginny just happened to be in attendance and he filmed her reaction throughout the long trailer and combined the videos to become a YouTube sensation.

They have generated over 6 million views on YouTube in just four days (over 18,000 comments and 60k+ “likes”)!  Good luck trying to outdo Matt’s proposal men.

Maryland’s Lacrosse Team

There are plenty of college sports that have amazing highlights out on the web, but I believe this is the coolest play in sports from this year (may even be better than my Jag’s Hail Mary play from last year).

The Tar Heels weren’t the only people fooled; the camera guy and announcers never saw it happen until they showed a slower replay.  The video has around 750,000 views already, which is huge for a sport growing as fast as lacrosse.

Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

I have seen some amazing abilities displayed with the adoption of viral video online and popular talent based contests all over television.  These three unassuming brothers from New Jersey are some of the best “pickers” this country has ever seen.  The twist is their ages: Jonny Mizzone age 8 (Banjo, Lead Dog), Robbie is 11 (Fiddle), and Tommy, who is the oldest at 13, plays the guitar.

Now they are not driving crazy traffic like the other videos above, but I believe as the world continues to see more of their awesome talents they will explode virally (even if Bluegrass music is not as popular as the Hip-Hop and Pop genres). My jaw still drops every time I watch the Sleepy Man Banjo Boys’ video.

Who else was a star this week? Please feel free to share any videos or social media related material of people you think are stars from this past week.

Have a great weekend!

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