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22 Apr



SMOTW: Banking Off the Royal Wedding

April 22, 2011 | By | 5 Comments

Due to Bank holiday, a very late Easter, and the Royal Wedding, Britons have the opportunity for 11 days off work having to only take 3 vacation days.  As millions of British residents flee the UK for European spring hotspots during the long break, UK hotels and other tourist related businesses expect to see less revenue throughout one of the most important events in England.

Although many folks seem to be blasé about Prince William and Kate Middleton tying the knot, online traffic shows that people mention their nuptials every 10 seconds (over 9,000 daily) via social media channels. Many companies are trying to “bank” off of this enormous event.  There are Royal condoms, PEZ dispensers, Sick Bags, and Papa John’s even had an artist craft a Royal Portrait Pizza (must be in the UK to win).

By far the most popular Royal Wedding related item thus far is the T-Mobile’s Royal Wedding Entrance video.  They’ve rocked it.

This video has exploded in popularity since it was posted last Friday.  According to YouTube trends this video has been viewed over 1 million times per day for an entire week (almost 9 million total views).  Although T-Mobile combined the JK Wedding Dance video (64 million views) with the Royal Wedding theme to create this concept, they have driven more traffic than they could have imagined.  It might not drive sales immediately but it drives brand awareness, builds credibility in the company and promotes their services which over time will drive a good ROI.

What do you think of the Royal Wedding? Will you be watching on the telly or are you put off by all the media coverage?


  1. Anna Jaffee

    sick of all the hoop-la but you know i’ll be watching

  2. More interesting Stats:

    @equalman: It will take 4 min for Kate to walk down the aisle at Royal Wedding which costs $30 million

    @equalman: #royalwedding cake costs as much as a Ferrari $134 per slice; $4 for @Starbucks to wash it down

  3. Kate Richardson

    I was for sure one of the people up at 4 a.m. watching the wedding. This wedding is a much bigger deal than people think it is. It is a once in a lifetime event, that also brings back a lot of memories for those that watched Diana marrying Charles 30 years ago. This wedding was and is the epitome of a fairytale… a dream of any young girl that ever watched a Disney film becoming a reality right in front of their eyes. Simply, magical. The media frenzy is all doing this for a reason, however, exploiting them and trying to make money off of things like condoms and PEZ dispensers seem a bit much!

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