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19 Aug


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SMBs: Listen to the People Who Pay Your Bills

August 19, 2011 | By | No Comments

This week’s Must Have Advice comes from The Thank You Economy author Gary Vaynerchuk, in a compelling video post on Americna Express OPEN Forum. He says one question he frequently hears is: Can small businesses be heard on an increasingly crowded social media scene? Gary answers, “Absolutely, once they start listening first.”

But we need to be clear about what listening looks like:

  • It’s about a chiropractor sharing tips with a parent lamenting on Twitter about a child’s heavy backpack.
  • It’s about a bakery owner posting advice on how to keep the muffin bought today fresh for tomorrow’s breakfast.
  • It’s about a store owner immediately and professionally addressing a concern a customer posts about an interaction with a store employee.

Sure, as a small business owner you’re busy. But, as Gary suggests, if you want to be heard, it’s time to start listening to the people who pay your bills.

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