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16 Sep


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Site Suggests Gifts Based on Your Facebook Friends’ Data

September 16, 2011 | By | No Comments

Stumped gift givers may soon have reason to breathe a sigh of relief. Startup is a “personalized gift engine” that analyzes your Facebook friends’ data, and then makes gift recommendations based on the analysis.

The beta site from Imply Labs examines a Facebook user’s demographic data, events, status updates, shared links and likes, as well as on-site behaviors and patterns. If the gift giver provides the prospective receiver’s Twitter handle, the site uses natural language processing to decipher status updates. The result is a list of Amazon product matches that will theoretically delight the lucky friend. Imply Labs says it will eventually expand to include products available from other e-commerce sites, like Zappos.

The company says 87% of alpha testers received the right gift suggestions for themselves. I’ve made several attempts on the site so far, but never got further than this message: “We have had about a kabajillion hits and our servers blew. Ugh…”  For more details about the startup, check out Mashable’s Gift Engine Predicts What Your Facebook Friends Want.

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