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28 May


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Share and Share Alike – Social Media Strategy You Can Use

May 28, 2010 | By | No Comments

share and share alikeShare your stuff.  Think that was something that only moms said to preschoolers wrestling over a toy? Not so fast.  Sharing is an integral part of a profitable social media strategy. Check out these sharing strategies designed to attract leads and retain clients.

Conversation creation

Social media monitoring makes it easier for brands to connect with consumers and engage in insight-revealing conversations. Here are two examples of how enterprises made online listening work for them:

  • LinkedIn Answers as become a great resource for businesses to listen to and engage other professionals. For example, one PR expert generated $250,000 worth of business by answering questions posted by other site users.  Another great spot to ask questions and give and get answers is – a community that caters to office professionals and small business owners.
  • TurboTax harnessed social media in the weeks leading up to Tax Day 2010. In addition to live Facebook chats, the company collected consumers’ last-minute questions that had been posted on Facebook and Twitter. TurboTax answered them via their own YouTube channel. Of course, the company shared a valuable and timely service to users, but they also generated data that may allow them to find opportunities for improving products and services.

Consumer creativity

User-generated content (UGC) is media created by end users and uploaded to the web. The Interactive Advertising Bureau estimates that 101 million American users will engage in UGC viewing in 2011.

Why is UGC so popular? Like other forms of social media, from tweets to blogs, it allows the Everyday Joe or Jane to tell a story. What’s more, the content can be created on the cheap, requires little equipment, and allows the creator complete control over the message.

  • Mattress company Tempur-Pedic recently launched its “Ask Me” campaign, which directs potential customers to learn about their products by asking friends on Twitter and Facebook. Not only does the project testify to the company’s confidence in their product, it’s also a testimony to their willingness to start honest conversation. And it’s that transparency that helps build sales-generating relationships.

What kinds of other strategies have you used in business?  Please share (and share alike).

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