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02 May


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Most Interesting Man Engages FB Fans

May 2, 2011 | By | No Comments

The Old Spice Guy tends to garner a lot of attention, but there’s another campaign that I’ve been watching: The Most Interesting Man in the World from brewer Dos Equis. What started as television commercials several years ago has moved into the social media world.  

The TV spots include footage of the Most Interesting Man engaged in a stream of heroic feats.  A voice-over narrative typically includes quips, such as: “His words carry weight that would break a lesser man’s jaw.”

The social media aspect of Dos Equis’ campaign includes a Facebook Page, which on Saturday was promoting its Feast of the Brave food truck, featuring delicacies like beef tongue tacos.  It included a live feed of the truck serving New Yorkers as well as check-in links for Foursquare and Facebook Places.

But there’s more to their social media engagement. Tom Troja on iMedia Connection notes that the Page, which is more than one million followers strong, is filled with crowd-sourced humor, or ad-inspired quips posted by followers. Recent comments include:

  • “P Diddy wakes up in the morning trying to feel like him.” (Josiah Nyalala)
  • “He has the key to lock jaw.” (Jason Cooper)
  • “Facebook gave HIM up for Lent…” (Kostas Veliadis, as shared by Tom)

 Posters share these bits with friends, and there even seems to be a hint of friendly competition among them.

 Tom writes that while sales of imported beers are down 4%, Dos Equis is up 22%–which suggests the brand is connecting with consumers in a meaningful way.


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