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22 Mar



Keywords Are the New King in Social Media Content

March 22, 2011 | By | 2 Comments

We’ve all heard that “content is king” when discussing how to make your website not only rank  high in the search engines but also making it most valuable to your audience. Now that traditional SEO is changing and the attention is on social media driving traffic to your website, the crown has been handed down to keywords.

Social media optimization differs though when trying to optimize for content because of the limitations set by each platform. Whether it’s the limit of 140 characters or the short attention span users have when browsing through Facebook statuses, content must be delivered with little snippets of information and keywords are now king.

Ben Castelli from Capture The Conversation recently gave us some tips on how to optimize with keywords for your social media content. He tells us that to improve online visibility to use keyword phrases most relevant to our industry that have the right search volume and in some cases have low competition.

Also mentioned on the Search Engine People blog, is to find what your audience is actively seeking out by using social data. Searchers are telling us exactly what they’re looking for and therefore how to market them. Arnie Kuenn concludes by reminding us that with the internet the days of surveys and focus groups for market research are gone. Now the internet gives the consumer the voice to tell us what their needs are and what they’ll buy.

Now, all we have to do is listen and take action.


  1. Really nice article. You’re right, it can be particularly difficult with the road block of only being able to use 140 characters. Yet, we can manage. SEO Optimization has always been key; the new thing is integrating that with social media. is pretty great at helping others maximize their social media content by way of animations, social messengers and a little video SEO.

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