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25 Jan


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How would you like your customer service served?

January 25, 2011 | By | No Comments

Many years ago when we wanted to order more lipstick without leaving the house, we would call our Avon lady. Then when we wanted to see the latest in home plastic containers, we would attend a Tupperware party. If we wanted to know the temperature for the day, we could call a local number and find out. Some of you may not even recall those days.

Then came the internet to offer sales, product presentations, and information right at our fingertips. And now…social media is even changing that.

Social media is in the mainstream and is being used as much (if not more) for business than for letting your friends know that you’re watching American Idol tonight. Now it’s another form of customer service. Many companies are using Twitter and Facebook to provide resolutions and keep in touch with the latest form of customer service. Like that was recognized by Mashable as the “Best Social Media Customer Service”.

What’s next? A mobile app to replace call centers? Would you text your issue instead of calling a toll-free number?

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