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28 Mar


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How Will You Use Facebook Questions?

March 28, 2011 | By | No Comments

Last Thursday Facebook released the latest version of their Questions feature that had been in beta testing for almost a year. The new feature focuses on using your friends (and possibly friends of friends) opinions instead of the general public like many sites already available such as Quora.

Unless you’re already a current tester, the new feature will be rolled out to all within the next coming weeks. If one of your friends has it already you’ll be able to interact and answer and then ask a question of your own. But if you don’t want to wait until it’s rolled out to you, you can visit this page and enable it now.

When asking a question you can either leave it up to the user to answer openly or give options for the answer and turn it into a poll. As users answer the poll, each little box fills up to reflect popularity along with a profile photo of each participant.

Whether or not this new feature turns out to be useful is up to the user of course. What I do like is that Facebook has learned to be up front about how public information can be especially with a feature like this. When posing a question you get a pop-up that clearly states that not only your friends will be able to see and participate but also their friends, and so on and so on. As they state in the Help Center, “In this way, anyone on Facebook may participate in a question you ask so you can get answers from people outside your immediate friends.”

It will be interesting to see how businesses incorporate the new feature into their social media strategy. I was about to ask if you’ll be using it for personal or for business reasons, but maybe I should post that as a question on Facebook instead.

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