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27 Jan


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How Much is a “Like” Worth?

January 27, 2011 | By | One Comment

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$50. Apparently that’s the price women’s clothing retailer New York and Company puts on a Facebook “like.”

As I scanned my email Wednesday morning I came across a promising subject line from the retailer (I do subscribe to their list). It read: $50, if you “like”.

I wasn’t really caffeinated yet, so I read the message twice to make sure I understood it. Sure enough, it read: Today’s the day! January 26th ONLY. “Like” us on Facebook and take $50 off your purchase of $100 or more! In Stores & Online.

Did I “like”? You bet! Partly because I can’t resist the lure of spring clothes (says the heavily-sweatered woman as she gazes across her snowbound neighborhood). But partly because I want to see where this goes. My “like” earned me a printable coupon/promo code that was only good for the day of the promotion (that was, admittedly, a disappointment—a few more days to use the coupon/promo code would’ve been ideal for me.)

But what happens post-promo? How will New York and Company leverage all those “likes” they presumably received?


  1. Ilona AKA @eyelona

    Today Jeff Bullas wrote a great article on How much one facebook fan is worth – apparently it can also equal 20 extra site visits.

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