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04 Apr


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How Many Will Like the New Google + 1 Button?

April 4, 2011 | By | No Comments

Last week Google announced a new feature that will let you tell others what you “like” on the internet with a click of a “+1” button. Sound familiar? Yes, its Google answer to Facebook’s “Like” button and new weapon in the battle of the ad dollar.

Although the way Google explains is to offer you a better way to find out what others in your circle of friends like, it’s really about competing with Facebook’s ability to target ads in a way that Google cannot…yet. In order to give something a thumbs-up on Google with this new feature you have to log in, which requires you to have a Google profile. This means that because you’re logged in, Google will have demographic information to use to target their ads like Facebook has. Facebook can target an ad based on gender, marital status, sexual orientation, etc.

How this new feature will affect SEO (search engine optimization) is still yet to be seen. As more and people are being affected by their peers to make buying decisions, it will be interesting to see if Google changes results based on the numbers of “pluses” a website has.

Will you create a profile in Google just to “Plus 1” something?

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